Thursday, April 12, 2012

New sketch for Bird is the Word Challenge Blog - FUTURE

I wanted a banner on this sketch so I made one.

Making a Banner or Pennant with Adobe Photoshop Elements
1. Open an 8x8 inch transparent file
2. Set foreground color of first “flag”
3. From the artwork pallet open up a simple shape
I started with a rounded square
4. Open second shape, semicircle
5. Add a shadow, from the Special Effects pallet –layer style
I chose a soft edge shadow and applied it to both shapes.
6. Simplify both shapes; right click the shape in the layer pallet
then click on Simplify layer
7. Set the foreground color to the color of the stitching
8. Choose the stitch brush tool in the tools pallet, I choose a loose stitch dynamic brush I purchased from
9. Adjust the stitch size then the spacing, to adjust the spacing click on More Options and slide the bar to make the stitches farther apart. I did mine at 946%
10. Brush the stitches around both layers
11. Merge the layers, right click on the top layer in the layer pallet and chose Merge Layers
12. Add an embellishment
13. Merge the layers
14. Make a few different ones in different colors and shapes
15. Resize them and duplicate Ctrl J a few
16. Open a string or ribbon and resize it to go all the way across the page
17. Send the string to the back layer, with the string layer highlighted in the layers pallet click on Arrange then click Send to back
18. Position the flags on the string
19. Merge the layers

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