How I did IT

                        Some techniques I used to make my Valentine for Daddy page

I cut the red background flower out of cardstock with a small scallop edged scissors painted white around the edge, roughed the edge up with a craft knife and sprayed it with frost shimmer. The red heart I made the same as the black photo mat on my “Big Red” page then I cut out the heart and added a bit of white paint with a paint dabber. To make the title word “lap” I put ruby glitter glue on the back side of clear acrylic letters. The scrap of red trim was white I painted it red.

                        How I made my Homemade Wrinkled Paper

To get the homemade wrinkled paper look of the black paper mat behind my photo I first wet the paper, and then wrinkled it all up into a ball, carefully flatten it out again. I repeat this process until I have the paper as wrinkled and thick as I’d like it. Then I either lay it flat on paper towels to dry or if I want it dried faster I take my iron to it. If you have a child that is bored give them a misting squirt bottle with water in it and have them help you make several wrinkled sheets, they love doing this project.  Cardstock weight paper works best but I have used lighter weight paper. You have to be more careful as it will tear easier, but I don’t get too excited about tears though it adds to the “homemade” paper look.

         How I made my Bird Blinkie
I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 to make the GIF for my Bird Blinkie. These are the steps I did.
Each frame is a layer –lined them up backwards, I started with 6 on top down to the layer I wanted 1st.
-File  -Save as  -CompuServe GIF
Put check in box by –Layers as Frames
Name the file  -Save
Put check in box by –Animate
Set Frame Delay to 1.0 and put check in box by –Loop
Set –Size   I used 190 X 190 pixels because that is the size of my Layout Width on my Blog I am putting it. Click OK
Then I went to a free picture hosting site, and logged in.
Upload my GIF then under the GIF picture I just uploaded it says
HTML code –click on that, then Ctrl C -copy
Went back to Design page on my Blog –Add a Gadget  -HTML/JavaScript
Ctrl V –paste into the Content Box

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