Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New sketch for Bird is the Word Challenge Blog - SPARKLE -

When designing the Sparkle sketch I wanted my curled ribbon to curl around
the flat ribbon I placed under it. This is how I did it.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 Tutorial using “Marching ants” to help you erase parts of a layer.
1. Open a new file
2. Place the two ribbons onto the file. I used a flatter laying one and a curled one.
3. Put the curled ribbon on top.
4. Click the curled ribbon so it is highlighted in your layers pallet.
5. Then hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on the flat ribbon in the layer pallet.
You will now see “marching ants” around your flat ribbon.
6. Click on your eraser in the tool bar and erase the parts of the curled ribbon
that would be under the flat ribbon.
*The only parts of the curled ribbon that will erase is the parts that
overlap the flat ribbon.
7. Push your Esc key to turn off the “marching ants”.

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  1. Great tutorial!! I will be using this for sure!


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