Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New sketch for Bird is the Word Heart

Change a photo or element Black and White with Adobe Photoshop Elements.
The doily in the Heart sketch was a pink one and I wanted it to match my black and white sketch so I changed it by first selecting it in the pallet menu then going to enhance and click on convert to black and white, and clicked OK. Yes that simple. You can change any element or photo Black and White this way.

Change any element color to match your layout with Adobe Photoshop Elements.
If you want to use an element but it just don’t match the colors on your page you can simply change the color to match.
Open your paper; I am using a valentine paper from the Luv U 4ever line by Emily Powers. Place your frame (any element) on the paper; I am using a brown frame from the Just So Scrappy Fall Leaves Kit. I want the frame to be the blue that is in the background paper. So I-

Set the foreground color in the tools pallet, with the eyedropper I chose the blue in the background paper, click on it, and click OK.
In the layer pallet with the frame highlighted, Ctrl click the frame that put the “running ants” around the frame. Then I clicked the Half Moon in the layer pallet, it is the button to “create adjustment layer”, in the drop down menu I clicked Hue/Saturation. Then I put a check in the box next to “Colorize” by clicking in the box. Now I slid the Saturation and Lightness bars tell I got the look I wanted and clicked OK. Then I merged the layers by using the shortcut keys Ctrl E.
Now I have a blue frame that matches my background paper.

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