Thursday, March 21, 2013

scanning film negatives

I learned how to scan 35MM film negatives. It would work on any type scanner. Tim found some old negatives in his old Ford truck he was getting ready to sell. We couldn't tell what or who was on them so I had to figure it out. After searching the web I found a youtube video that helped allot. I don't have it or I would share a link, sorry.

I put the filmstrip shiny side down, put a piece of wax paper (just the stuff I bake with) on the top I placed my ipad with a white or lit screen. You can see the frame of my ipad. A smart phone would work also. I read a shiny piece of silver cardstock works but I didn't try that. I scanned it in a low 300 resolution.

I saved it then brought it up in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5. I cropped it and rotated it 180 because I always seem to scan my images upside down. Then flipped it horizontal because it is a negative.  In an adjustment layer I inverted it, tweaked the balance and contrast a bit and merged the layers.

This one I added a little tint.