Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time flies when your having FUN

Too much FUN, I don't think so. Tim and I both took last week off, it was the first time we ever did that. I can't beleive it's over already, it went by way too fast. Time flies when your having fun- that's the truth. We went fishing, caught our limit of sunfish. Went to visit Wendy and family, spent lots of time cuddling with Tristan, (I need some more of that). Went to the new Target field and watched the Twins game, yeah they won! Played with Alexis all weekend, she is so adorable. She even got Grampa to join us for a tea party, he wore a silly hat and all.


  1. Did you get pictures of Grandpa in the silly hat?...Because I really want to scrapbook those!!

  2. Sorry no pictures, next time I will be sure to have my camera close at hand.

  3. Lucky Duck getting Cuddles from Tristan... LOL!


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