Saturday, May 21, 2011

a new dog

We adopted a new dog last night. His name is Digger, we'll probably change that. He is a 2 year old collie\shepard cross. He has a little too much energy for me but seems sweet. He is too big to be cuddly but he is a lover that's for sure.


  1. Adam, Dakota and I all think he is a beautiful looking dog. Is he behaving himself? Oh, we all like the name Tigger better than Digger, but we did kind of have a good time laughing at the name Digger.

  2. He has been a very good dog except he always pushes up against you, which means we are always dirty and smell like wet dog. Him and patches got into it yesterday, hopefully they can learn to tolerate each other like yeller and patches did. Tigger much better than Digger! lol


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